We conduct
training for welders

We train welders to work with gas MAF. Training is conducted in Moscow, St. Petersburg. Duration of training - 1 day! Tuition fees are free! Remote consultations are possible via Skype, WhatsApp. To register for training, you must send a request by e-mail.


Regular supply
deliveries - profitable

When concluding a contract for regular deliveries, we provide a FREE exchange fleet of cylinders with subsequent maintenance. You pay only the cost of gas and delivery! Assistance in re-equipment of production when replacing Acetylene on MAF.



Quality control is carried out with the support of the developers of this product.

Gas for welding and gas welding equipment


About company

OOO "Gefest" supplies gas to the Russian market, MAF (methylacetylene-allene fraction). Gas is supplied in various containers to the choice of the customer. Cylinders with a capacity from 5 to 80 liters (propane) steel, composite. We carry out refueling in the customer's container for "SPB and LO". Delivery to regions of the Russian Federation is possible. Delivery is carried out either in cylinders or in a tanker. Shipping cost depends on the volume and distance from St. Petersburg. OOO "Gefest" is the official representative of the manufacturer’s plant.

Finished products are affordable for the widest range of consumers, ahead of imported analogues, always in stock in our warehouse!


High quality products, has all the necessary CERTIFICATES

We offer for your consideration an alternative that is advantageous in all respects to acetylene for flame treatment of metal. Gas MAF is a combination of two components - propine and allen. One quarter of the composition is occupied by a hydrocarbon stabilizer - propane or isobutane. The use of gas for welding has become widespread in Western countries and is gradually being widely used in our country. While maintaining the same quality of the joint of the joint as with the use of acetylene, we get good savings (not less than two times). LFA can be effectively used for:

  • Gas welding and cutting;
  • Heating of metal parts;
  • Spraying;
  • Swimming trunks;
  • Glass production.

The technology of work is similar to that assumed when using acetylene, the combustion characteristics of both materials are the same. On our website, you can order MAF on favorable terms from an official representative of the manufacturer. The prices are the most favorable for our market, and the general terms of delivery are fully oriented to the convenience and interests of the client.

Wholesale and retail sale of MAF and equipment for its use

You are offered a certified product, the effectiveness of which with a gas welding machine for metal processing has been proven. The economical analog of acetylene is safe and stable in operation. By properties, it occupies an intermediate place between propane (its combustion temperature is 1.5 times lower than MAF) and acetylene, which is less stable when working under pressure and is much more expensive. LFA is most convenient and mobile in transportation. For example, a standard volume tank holds 21 kg of MAF and only 5.5 acetylene.

Our company supplies welding gas for metal in cylinders (steel or composite) and tankers. With regular deliveries of material for your production tasks, we offer an exchange fleet of cylinders with maintenance free of charge. We have presented special equipment for working with a mixture of MAF - a factory-made burner.

Product Costs and Partnership Benefits

What are the benefits of the supply of MAF from Hephaestus:

  • Prices from the manufacturer and effective reduction of costs for production tasks for gas welding;
  • Regular deliveries with an exchange fleet of cylinders;
  • Help with the re-equipment of production under the IAF;
  • Receiving a product that has passed more than one stage of quality control;
  • We conduct training for gas welders at the IAF.

If you intend to optimize the costs of the industrial welding process, we recommend that you buy MAF gas and see for yourself its efficiency and economy. We are waiting for requests and will be happy to advise in more detail.