Catalog of gas and welding equipment

Interested in efficient soldering, welding, metal cutting, heating or spraying solutions? In our catalog you will find a product economical in work and not inferior to common analogues for use with welding equipment. We present a compound made of propine and allen, which is similar to acetylene in terms of technical characteristics and combustion properties, but much more affordable and easy to transport.

Gas product for welding MAF

MAF welding gas has the following advantages:

  • Security;
  • No environmental impact and no disposal;
  • Ease and mobility during transportation;
  • Long warranty storage period (up to 10 years);
  • Favorable transportation rates (up to 15 cylinders are not considered dangerous goods);
  • Increased productivity of the industrial process (minimal preparation for the welding process);
  • Reducing the cost of welding several times.

You can buy certified gas for welding from the manufacturer from us. The company "Hephaestus" is the official supplier of the manufacturer and offers a product that goes through several stages of quality control. We help enterprises to equip workshops for working with the IAF, we provide training. With regular deliveries of gas for industrial applications, you will be provided with a fleet of cylinders for replacement free of charge.

MAF for gas welding machines of your enterprise

We supply welding gas in cylinders and tankers in St. Petersburg and the regions. Delivery conditions are agreed personally, the cost is calculated depending on the remoteness of the point from St. Petersburg. Our company is ready to service large industrial enterprises and to fulfill any orders by volume. We look forward to a productive partnership.